Monday, March 31, 2014

How to trace a user login in oracle database

trace oracle user login
alter session set tracefile_identifier='login_test';
alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever ,level 12'

conn fucker/larry

alter session set events '10046 trace name context off' ;

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Auto Kill Bloking Session on Oracle Database with SQL

  CURSOR c1 IS select process,sid,serial#, blocking_session from v$session where blocking_session is not null;  
  i NUMBER:= 0;
  FOR e_rec IN c1 LOOP
  i:= i+1;
    EXECUTE immediate 'ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION ' ||''''|| e_rec.sid ||','|| e_rec.serial# ||''' ';

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sunday, February 16, 2014

How to earn online

  1. Join an affiliate program.
  2. Choose free offers (easier for you to get earning)
  3. Create a review for that product on Blogspot.
  4. Promote that page.

Free traffic sources:

  1. Forums
  2. Social Networks
  3. Video Sharing Sites
  4. PDF Sharing Sites
  5. Article Directories
  6. Offline
  7. Answers Sites
  8. Groups
  9. Blog Comments (set Google alerts)
  10. Learn SEO and rank that blog.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A $45 Linux SSD Laptop from China

Last week a Chinese computer company sell a laptop with $45.

There is some english information about the laptop.

Lemote ultra mini-laptop is powered by the latest design-by-China 64-bit Loongson-2F processor which speeds at 900MHz.The integrated DDR 2 and PCI 2 controllers and independently designed Northbridge chipsets.

Product characteristics:

  1. Strong computing:
    It employs the latest Loongson-2F processor, 64-bit, four-issue Out-Of-Order structure and integrated memory controller.
  2. Energy saving and environmental friendly:
    Less than 20 W, which is one tenth of an ordinary PC. The materials are ROHS compliant.
  3. Quiet operation:
    Less than 60 db.
  4. security:
    Yeeloong 8089 is a safe computing device. On one hand, the hardware components including chipset and matching motherboard are designed by Lemote wholly, which lowers the risico's being intruded by various viruses. On another hand, by employing GNU Linux operating system, it is almost immune to viruses.
  5. Infinite customization:
    The unique programmable Northbridge provides space for customization; the operation and application of free operating system could adopt a free open-source software (FOSS), which is a powerful software package management mechanism that provides the most convenient methods for users' customization and development demands to exempt from getting into the trouble of software copyright.
  6. low cost:
    The entire product, including processor, system, software and so on, are all designed by Lemote. The cost for software, hardware and synthesized usage cost is only of an ordinary PC.


  • Processor: Loongson 2F CPU, 900MGHz, integrated DDR II and PCI 2 controllers;
  • Memory slots: SO-DIMM DDR2, 512MB;
  • South bridge: AMD CS5536;
  • Display: 1024 x 600, 8,9" TFT LCD;
  • Network: Rtl8139 + RTL8187B(wifi);
  • Interface: USB2.0x3, earphone+MIC, SDx1, RJ45x1, VGAx1, DC-inx1; SD reader supports SDHC.
  • Storage: 8G SSD;
  • Graphics: SMI712
  • Webcam: Webcam with 300K pixel
  • SD: Realtek RTS5158E
  • Size: 25,2 x 3 x 18,5cm
  • Weight: 1 kg 
  • Operating Systems: Debian Linux; Loonux; Red Flag Linux;
  • Full power: less than 20 W;
  • USB: 2 x USBBattery: 3 Cell Lithium.

Application field

It could be used as ordinary laptop as well as professional computing device for users who have higher demand for security and software customization such as institutions, prototype product development, government, corporate R & D, high education, financial and security organizations etc.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Empty Postfix Mail Queue

mailq | tail +2 | grep -v '^ *(' | awk 'BEGIN { RS = "" } { if ($8 == "" && $9 == "") print $1 } ' | tr -d '*!' | postsuper -d - sudo postsuper -d ALL ifconfig | grep netmask | grep -v | awk {'print $2'}L