Thursday, January 5, 2006

Compile VLC media player on Ubuntulinux Hoary 5.04

VLC is a powerfull and free cross-platform media player, VLC can also be used as a streaming server. You can use it to save streaming media on your local PC. Now I'll show how to complie a VLC media player from source on ubuntulinux.

  1. download source from the VLC offical website

  2. complie it:

    ./configure --enable-real --enable-realrtsp --enable-esd --enable-xosd --enable-loader && make && sudo make install

  3. now you can use VLC media player by command "vlc", and don't forget set the Options -> Audio -> Output modules(advansed) -> EsounD output. enjoy it!

There is a srceenshot of my VLC media player on flickr ;)

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