Sunday, July 29, 2007

Web Development Toolbox: 120+ Web Development Resources

Link there

As rewarding as web development is, it can also be a pain sometimes, especially if you spend half your time looking for the right tools and resources. Well, we’ve done the work for you with this one, and have compiled a list of over 120 web development resources to make your life easier.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A good win32 apache module binary download site

I found a very good win32 apache module binary download site, English site. You can download many binary module there. such as:

  • mod_perl

  • mod_fcgid

  • mod_macro

and this site is very cool for apache users! ;)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Using Telnet with a POP3 Mail Server

It is possible, with many ISPs, to use a Telnet program to do maintenance on your mailbox on the POP3 mail server. This allows you to look at, and possibly delete, any problem causing message (e.g. too large to download, improperly formatted message, etc.)

The instructions below are based on the Win95 TELNET.EXE program. See here for some other Telnet programs and operating systems.

From the Win95 task bar, select: Start, Run..., and enter the following:

telnet pop-server-name port#
(Note: if you start Telnet from the browser, rather than the Win95 Start Run command, the syntax is telnet://pop-server-name:port# - However, MSIE 3 has a bug and you must leave out the // on the address line and use telnet:pop-server-name:port#)

Check your mail settings for the pop-server-name and port#. Most POP3 servers use port 110.

For example:
- For CNZX Internet: telnet 110
- For AT&T Worldnet: telnet 110
- For Netcom: telnet 110
- For SpryNet: telnet 110
(# is 1 to 5 and varies by user)

This will connect to the mail server. If you fail to get a successful connection message, check the following:
You must include the correct port number, usually 110. The default Telnet port number won't work.
The syntax varies by how you start the Telnet program. On the Start, Run, you separate the server name and the port number with a Space. In the browser, you separate the server name and the port number with a Colon.
If starting from the browser, the browser must be configured to know about your Telnet program. The Win95 version of MSIE normally does this automatically on install. For Netscape, and the Win3.1 version of MSIE you usually need to do this manually. See your browser documentation. However, it is not necessary to start the program from the browser. You can start it directly.
MSIE 3 may not start the Telnet program from its address line if you use the "//" in the URL. Just remove the "//".
You will want to enable Local Echo so you can see what you type. In the Win95 Telnet program this is under Terminal, Preferences. Also, you may want to turn on logging to capture messages to a text file. In the Win95 Telnet program this is under Terminal, Start Logging

For the connection, and each command that you enter, the mail server will respond:

Some Chinese Driver's License Test

I put some chinese Driver's License Test on my personal WIKI.

Some new Web Desgin books on Amazon

Yeah! I found some Web Design new books on Amazon, some day, maybe it will help me ;)

the link

creative html design.2 (2nd Edition) (Paperback)

Other cool books list:

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Free Online Books List

Update - Update.. This List has Grown to 345…

Update: - I will be updating this list very shortly, many of the links were taken from

How to Be a Programmer
How to Design Programs
Practical Theory of Programming
Software Engineering for Internet Applications
Structure and intercodetation of computer programs
More programming books
The Programmers Stone
Subversion Version Control: Using the Subversion Version Control System in Development Projects….84&redir=1&rl=1


Ada 95 Rational…5-contents.html
Ada 95 Reference Manual
Changes to Ada 1987 - 1995…lumeFrames.html
Ada 95: The Lovelace Tutorial
The Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming


Algorithms and Complexity
Programming Algorithms
Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms


Assembly Language Tutorial…lumeFrames.html
Programming From the Ground Up
Assembly Language Programming
Ralph Brown's Interrupt List…lumeFrames.html
The Art of Assembly Language Programming…lumeFrames.html
The Assembly Language Database
Win32 Programming for x86 Assembly Language Programmers…lumeFrames.html


A Tutorial on Pointers and Arrays in C…lumeFrames.html
C Programming…lumeFrames.html
Object Orientated Programming in ANSI-C…?contentid=6635
The C Book
Writing Bug-Free C Code
C - Elements of Style
Learning GNU C…nu_c/index.html


An Overview Of The C++ Programming Langauge
C++ Annotations…lumeFrames.html
C++ Annotations
C++ Coding Standard…lumeFrames.html
C & C++
C++ Course
C++ How To…lumeFrames.html
C++ In Action
C++: A Dialog
How To Think Like A Computer Scientist with C++…lumeFrames.html
Introduction To OOP Using C++…lumeFrames.html
Introduction To OOP Using C++
Objects First…lumeFrames.html
Optimizing C++
STL Guide…lumeFrames.html
STL Guide
The Function Pointer Tutorials…lumeFrames.html
The Standard Template Library Tutorial
Thinking in C++…?ContentID=6634
Thinking in C++, Second Edition (Volumes 1 & 2)
An Introduction to C++ Programming
Programming in C++ - Rules and Recommendations
A Beginners C++ Book

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Catalyst 介绍


Catalyst 指南 - Catalyst 介绍


本文简单的介绍了为何要用 Catalyst 以及如何使用它。文中解释了 Catalyst 的工作原理并通过一个简单应用的快速建立来加以验证。

Catalyst 是什么?

Catalyst 是一个优雅的 Web 应用框架,极为灵活又特别简单。它类似于 Ruby on Rails、Java 的 Spring 和 Maypole(原来就基于 Maypole 建立)。


Catalyst 遵循模型-视图-控制(MVC)设计模式,它擅长将内容处理、表示和流程控制方面的工作区分开来交给独立的模块来做。这种区分允许你为某一方面的问题修改代码而不影响解决其它问题的代码。这样 Catalyst 提升了原有的解决 Web 应用方面的问题的模块的重用程度。

下面就是 M、V、C 分别解决的问题,每个方面都有著名的 Perl 模块的可用。

如果你不熟悉 MVC 和设计模式,你得查看一下这方面的原始资料:Gamma、Helm、Johson、Vlissides 写的 Design Patterns,也叫 Gang of Four 或 GoF。你也可以 google 一下。有很多很多的 Web 应用框架都是基于 MVC 的,如前面提到的那些。


Catalyst 比起其他的框架来说灵活很多。我们会慢慢的解释,很快就会看到那些你喜爱的 Perl 模块在 Catalyst 里面的应用。

  • 多模型、视图和控制

  • 为了要建立一个 Catalyst 应用,你得用名为 组件(Components) 的模块来处理各种问题。一般这样的代码会非常简单,只是调用 MVC 下面列出的 Perl 模块。Catalyst 用很灵活的方式来使用这些组件。在一个应用里面可以使用任意数量的模板、视图和控制模块。想要操作多个数据库并读写 LDAP 数据么?没问题。想要用 Template ToolkitPDF::Template 来展现同样的模型么?很简单。

Sunday, July 8, 2007


国外有人做了一个全球国家/地区级域名地理分布情况图,通过这个图,你可以看到最近时间的全球国家/地区级域名地理分布情况图,不过如果你需要更完整和详细的图片资料,就需要通过PayPal或者Google Check Out支付一定的费用了。


Tuesday, July 3, 2007



回到重庆的第一感觉就是很热,当火车到了遂宁的时候,就不再是阴天了,直射的阳光让人感觉有点刺眼。想不到重庆和成都差这么多,可能也是因为这样吧,重庆的房价也比成都低很多。发两张我家楼上水池的照片 ;)

img_0215.jpg img_0217.jpg

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links for 2007-07-01

新专辑: 西界 / 林俊杰

西界 / 林俊杰专辑名称:西界



  非常 J Fusion 年度必杀专辑!

  在爱与恨之间 在黑与白之间 在善与恶之间
  名曲曹操作词大师-林秋离 神来之笔创西界之说


  一年一度跨界盛事 JJ新专辑收集世界大师精髓 绕着地球跑!
  美国舞蹈电影宗师 Dave Scott 首度为亚洲歌手编舞
  日本 Top5 Dancers 现身尬舞!

  这才是我要的 J–Fusion… 林俊杰