Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I hate cpanel hosting like paangood,Inc

paangood is a Chongqing, China. Cpanel hosting internet company. But I don't think it has real lisence with cpanel? That right? How to check it?
And the MySQL server always down! So bad. I hate it. I wanna to move another hosting like dreamhost or bluehost. I don't it only more. But I have no more hosting to host my blog site. just this one that you visit. My blog's alexa rate down quickly. I hate it!

But I must thanks zyj007, he give some money to paangood hosting company and I can host my blog on the server (many people host file one the server, about $62/year, 5G space, cpanel, much limited, that's the truth.)

I install a super wp cache and hope the ugly paangood MySQL go away from my life ASAP!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The generated cache was invalid.

when I upgrade my ubuntu 6.06 (I like the LTS verson ;) ), I get
The generated cache was invalid.
search with google, I get the reason and resovel it.

now, my portuguese is lousy, but it looks like it's got something to do with the icon cache.

so, you could go to /usr/share/icons/highcolor, /usr/share/icons/locolor, and so on, and just delete autopackage-installer.png.

sometime, I don't like dpkg and ..... I like slackware's installpkg.



--- Enable loadable module support
[*] Module unloading
[*] Forced module unloading
[*] Module versioning support
[_] Source checksum for all modules
[*] Automatic kernel module loading

Automatic kernel module loading 是应该选择的项目 ;)

Slackware 12 initrd needed

how to build a initrd when you need, like this:
sudo mkinitrd -c -k -m jbd:ext3 -r /dev/hda14 -o /boot/initrd-