Friday, May 30, 2014

The best command to create raw datafile used by Oracle database

Oracle recommends creating new datafiles on devices with zero offset. The command "/usr/sbin/mklv -y LVname -T O -w n -s n -r n VGname NumPPs" can be used. Please contact Oracle customer support for more details.

Friday, May 9, 2014

AIX make filesystem

List PV (Disk)
bash-3.2# lspv
hdisk0          0056b0de849951c7                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          0056b0dee1558f91                    rootvg          active
hdisk5          0056b0de8d3ad7c5                    datavg2         active
hdisk6          0056b0de8d3b2189                    datavg          active
use smit vg to make new vg View vg information
bash-3.2# lsvg datavg   
VOLUME GROUP:       datavg                   VG IDENTIFIER:  0056b0de00004c0000000145e01e8ee2
VG STATE:           active                   PP SIZE:        1024 megabyte(s)
VG PERMISSION:      read/write               TOTAL PPs:      1673 (1713152 megabytes)
MAX LVs:            256                      FREE PPs:       1172 (1200128 megabytes)
LVs:                2                        USED PPs:       501 (513024 megabytes)
OPEN LVs:           0                        QUORUM:         2 (Enabled)
TOTAL PVs:          1                        VG DESCRIPTORS: 2
STALE PVs:          0                        STALE PPs:      0
ACTIVE PVs:         1                        AUTO ON:        yes
MAX PPs per VG:     32512                                     
MAX PPs per PV:     2032                     MAX PVs:        16
LTG size (Dynamic): 1024 kilobyte(s)         AUTO SYNC:      no
HOT SPARE:          no                       BB POLICY:      relocatable 
view vg's lv
bash-3.2# lsvg -l datavg
LV NAME             TYPE       LPs     PPs     PVs  LV STATE      MOUNT POINT
test1               jfs2       500     500     1    closed/syncd  /test1
loglv00             jfs2log    1       1       1    closed/syncd  N/A
use smitty mklv make a new LV

use smitty manfs make a filesystem, then mount