Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Logging In to Xen Console After Receiving "xenconsole: Could not open tty" Error

So you try and log in to a domU and xen says it can’t open a tty?
[cc lang="text"]
[tres@calliope ~]$ sudo xm console xen-domu.vm
xenconsole: Could not open tty `/dev/pts/15': No such file or directory
This error normally happens when xenconsoled is no longer running. You can quickly verify by looking for the xenconsoled process:

[tres@calliope ~]$ ps auxwww | grep xenconsoled
[tres@calliope ~]$[/cc]
If you don’t find it, just run
[cc lang="text"]
/etc/init.d/xend start[/cc]

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