Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Use fdisk fix hard disk error

Just did a sudo fdisk -l of my newly installed OS. I had manually configured the partitions with the Live CD install to allow for my /home to be on it's own partition. The included screenshot of same indicates that my Partition table entries are not in disk order. Is this something I should correct? Can I expect problems with the partitioning as it is? If so, what should I do?

It is not a problem. You can "reset" them to the correct order but you would need to check your grub menu and fstab in case there were any references to "sdXX" instead of to UUIDs. The reason is at least two of the partition "sdXX" designations would change after you 'reset' them.

For those wishing to do so, here is the procedure. Note that your system will operate fine without making this change and you run the risk of screwing up your boot process or partition mounting if the partition designations no longer match in fstab or menu.lst:
sudo fdisk /dev/sda

at the prompt:
(for help)
at the prompt:

(extra functionality - experts only)
(write to disk and exit)
You may get a warning that devices are in use and the new table will be used at the next boot.
Check fstab and menu.lst before rebooting.
Repeat for other drives.

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